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Here below some interesting questions asked us by persons interested in vision improvement or who have already started working on this target. We chose the more general questions in order to give some basic tips.

Q: "....just in case (I'm very anxious) I got my 12 years old daughter do her first eyes examination. It was diagnosed a scholastic myopia of 0,75 each eye and suggested the proper glasses. I consulted another oculist (maybe I was wrong in doing it but I was very worried) and he found 0,75 on one eye and 1 on the other. My question: before starting with the eye training, I would like to buy her the glasses to look at the blackboard (I told by daughter to use them only in case of need) but with which prescription lenses considering the two different opinions?

A: "...if you do think it is necessary for her to wear glasses, my suggestion is to wear the ones with the weaker graduation so that her eyes can still have the possibility to correct themselves. With the stronger lenses this would not be possible. However I take the liberty to give a suggestion to the mother: try to relax and to be less anxious and when you feel "obliged" to worry for your daughter, just breath deeply and try to find who in your family has this kind of anxious behaviour. It can be a parent, a grandmother or grandfather, an uncle .... If you find such person, just mentally tell yourself that being anxious is not your characteristic but of this person and that you absolutely don't want to cause any trouble to the "object of your worry", same as these persons have done in their life....."


Q: "...since when I started doing some exercises of Bates method I noticed a strange eye secretion. Sometimes I wake up and I feel my eyes swollen up. Shortly after they start bleeding a slightly viscous substance, they deflate and I feel them fresh and relaxed and also my sight seems having improved. What can it be? "

A: "....this fact has been sometimes reported to me by persons suffering of vision problems since a long time when they start working with a natural approach to vision, like Bates method. Even though this phenomenon is temporary, I suggest you apply to an oculist for an eye check-up.

Meanwhile something that could help you is an infusion for external use made with mauve, marigold and cornflower, utilization of the small rice bags and some minutes of palming. The symptoms you describe suggest in fact the necessity for your eyes "to get rid" of something. At this respect you should consider that a natural training vision program may put in motion the natural detoxification process of our organism that can finally get rid of what it has wrongly accumulated in the course of the years.