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We have been checking our advertising channels since years and after a careful reflection (three sleepless nights...) we drew the conclusion that there are many people interested in Bates method. Consequently we have decided to involve you directly in our advertising somehow trying to support your interest. Please read below to learn how...

Our proposals are basically of two types: individual work in our Bates Centre and experiential or residential Bates seminars. We started in 2008 and we go on with the novelties...
After having attended one practical seminar, it is possible to attend a second one during the same year paying half price.

Example: I attend one Sight-Playing worth € 160,00. I like the experience, I know that Sight-playings are similar but never exactly the same and I decide to attend another one scheduled during the same year... that I pay 80,00 €. Should I decide to participate to a third one I will pay again the same amount.
The same principle is valid for the seminars of one day. 90,00 € the first time, 45,00 € the second and subsequent times during the same year.

For the experiential seminars there are also other innovations.
If I take part to a Sight-Playing of two days, the first time I pay the entire amount. If I attend a second one and I bring a person paying the entire amount I can participate free. Alternatively, I pay half price and I am granted two one-to-one encounters.  In case of one day Sight-Playing, if I bring a person I will be granted either free participation to a second seminar or one individual encounter.

Is that all? Absolutely not...

If you are in a position to plan your holidays in periods corresponding to one of our proposals, you can buy a “stage bonus” worth € 350,00 + Vat.

This bonus will allow you to participate to:

  1. one residential seminar + one two days experiential seminar, or...
  2. one residential seminar + four one-to-one encounters on Bates method at our Centre, or...
  3. one residential seminar + one 1 day experiential seminar + two one-to-one encounters on Bates method at our Centre.


Do you think it’s too much? We have verified your presence to our various proposals and at the end we decided to invest as explained above instead of using the normal advertising channels. On one hand t his is to your advantage and allow you to verify Bates proposals saving quite a lot of money and on the other hand it allows us to work with already known persons who are interested in this kind of technique.

Don’t lose the opportunity. You will save an important sum of money and will be sure to have a place in the seminar you prefer. First check the dates of our proposals and then write HERE to participate.