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Individual program

There are various problems linked to vision (myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, etc.) and various eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, sties, etc.). Additionally each person is different and consequently a group approach doesn’t always meet completely everyone’s expectations.
From this point of view an approach made by one-to-one encounters could be the best choice either to start with the work on Vision Education or to go on after a group course.

The individual program consists of  encounters, weekly or bi-weekly, where the person is guided through experiences mainly of Bates method, but also of other natural holistic techniques.

In such a case the work can be better adapted to the each person, to her vision problem and to what comes out during the encounters. Some as in group courses, the aim is to help persons understand their problem, learn correct vision habits (relaxation, movement, central fixation) and reduce the mental strain due to the effort to see (usually unconscious).

One choice doesn’t exclude the other but, on the contrary, they complete each other.

All proposals of Energetica della Vista are addressed to “healthy” persons, to persons not having vision defects or to the “healthy part” of the ones suffering any problem in order it can grow and substitute itself to the other one.

Please also consult the special offers reserved to persons who already attended a seminar or an individual program E.d.V. and the Intensive program for a 3 days deep experience of Bates method.