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Seats of Bates School EdV for the first academic year

Main seat of Bates School EdV is in Milan, Via Caterina da Forlì 42 at Studio Bates. Persons attending the first year start here, but ….

The training course provides bi-weekly encounters during first year and in order to help persons willing to attend the school but living far from Milan, starting from the academic year 2008-2009 we have opened three detached units in Foligno, Cremona and Padova.

Students leaving in Milan attend the first year totally at the main seat. Students leaving near one of the three towns above have the possibility to partially attend the first year at one of those seats.

In this case, after the preliminary encounter in Milan, they will attend the bi-weekly encounters (approx 15) with a tutor of Bates School EdV in the town chosen. They are in any case requested to send a weekly e-mail report to Milan head office, with copy to their tutor. They are then requested to come to Milan on occasion of the seminar on Mental Mechanics (Fiorelli Rustici method) and of the bi-monthly encounters with all students of the School.

Second year is scheduled as per general program (at least two seminars in Milan and two chosen among the ones scheduled in other locations + one training week-end in Milan + a residential week to be defined.

Third year provides an internship program to be agreed together.