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Project for primary schools


The ideal soil to sow and cultivate the basis of an healthy, natural and correct capability to see.

Our School is carrying out an Educational Project addressed to the teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools in Italy.

The project consists of four steps:

  • a first meeting with the School Principals in order to explain the details of our proposals

  • a free conference introducing the Bates method to the teachers of the School. During such meeting we introduce the basic principles of Bates method explaining their possible applications during the lessons.

  • A theoretical- practical course of total 12 hours subdivided in four meetings during which the basic principles of the method are firstly taught and then put in practise during teaching in the classroom.

  • The last step consists of on-line assistance to the School subscribing our proposal. Every fifteen days for a period of six months we will send various stimulus to encourage further study. This a very useful instrument in order to keep the interest alive and stimulate the application of the content of the course.

What about the final result?

What we all expect happening in the schools: the possibility for all children attending the compulsory education to live their experience in the school peacefully, effortless and without damaging their sight. Learning and practising the basic concepts of an healthy sight at their age means creating the best conditions to maintain a perfect sight in their future life.

Do you think it is worth to deepen the subject?

Please download the prospectus and write to our secretary' office to receive more information on the course.