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Which kind of prospects has a teacher of Bates method?

Actually it's harder to find what one of our graduates can't do from a professional point of fact the job opportunities for a Bates teacher are really a lot.

First of all he can participate to the activities of A.I.E.V. (the Association that recognize us from a professional point of view). Our students are all members of AIEV and during their training path have the possibility to get in touch with the graduates of the previous years and with the other recognized Bates teachers.

After accomplishment of the training in the School, the professional career can start immediately. Considering that in Italy Bates method is still not so much known and consequently its nationwide presence is quite limited, it's possible to work teaching it practically everywhere since almost all areas are still lacking teachers (....especially qualified teachers...)

Besides the geographical option, also the possible fields of application of Bates method are various and our graduates can chose depending on their skills and interest.

We can work with Bates method in a studio for visual education, we can teach it at Associations, wellness centres, Spa, etc.

We can work teaching Bates method in the companies (as it happens in Germany for example), we can propose it in the sport s field, we can cooperate with professionals in the vision education who work with low vision persons. We can work in the prevention of vision problems and introduce the method in the Schools and among the teachers. We can work with persons of the so called "Third age", or also start teaching inside our School.

In short....if the graduates of the Bates School fear not to find a job after the School, they are totally wrong! But no problem......applying the method on themselves as learned during the three years training course, they will shortly understand they can live decorously teaching the method and helping the others.