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Teaching staff

giorgio ferrario
director of Bates School E.d.V. For teachers of Bates method. Teacher of Bates method recognized by A.I.E.V. (Associazione Italiana per l’Educazione Visiva) – Degree in Scienze Motorie – Teacher of the National Holistic School CONACREIS – Assistant of Fiorella Rustici Method.
He started practising Bates Method in 1985 and he presently teaches it at Bates Centre in Milan and at the Bates School E.d.V. for the training of Bates method teachers. He leads seminars in Italy called Sight-Playing and Sight-Workshops and gives one-to-one training encounters of the method.
He leads groups on Bates method and other holistic natural techniques aiming to vision improvement and growing of consciousness and holds lectures and debates on the subject. He is the author of “Senza occhiali, il metodo Bates per migliorare la tua vista” published by Macro Edizioni and of various articles on same subject.

fiorella rustici
researcher, creator of the method carrying her name, author of the books Morire senza paura" (Hermes Edizioni), "Fai funzionare bene la mente" (Macro Edizioni), "Genetica e Coscienza Spirituale" (Edizioni ATC), "Il Karma come sconfitta spirituale" (Edizioni ATC). She is Presidente of the Association Coscienza e Salute and is member of the board of CONACREIS (Coordinamento nazionale delle associazioni e comunità di ricerca etica, interiore e spirituale). Fiorella Rustici Method aims to teach the mental mechanics to better know ourselves and live consciously in the pursuit of love, ethic, justice and responsibility.

lauretta canepa
Bates teacher recognized by AIEV, Orthoptist Assistent in Ophthalmology co-founder and past-secretary of AIEV – teacher of Bates method at the Bates training school. Co-founder of “Palestra degli occhi” together with Paola La Rosa. He teaches Bates method in Genoa through workshops and one-to-one encounters. He hold conferences in Italy and is Director of the Training Course for Vision Educators organized by Vision Wellness Club having as teachers also Paola La Rosa, Marisa Martinelli, Vincenza Rosaspini e David De Angelis.

Elisa fronteddu
teacher of Feldenkrais method recognized by A.I.I.F.F. (Associazione Italiana Insegnanti del Metodo Feldenkrais®). She first come in contact with the method in 1991 and graduate in 2001 at the four year training course directed by Myriam Pfeffer and Basil Glazer. He is continuously updating her preparation taking part to refresh Masterclasses. Since 2001 she is cooperating with various organizations proposing the method through individual or group lessons and through seminars on movement consciousness. She also proposes the method trough dancing activities. She is interested in movement as instrument of expression, research and growth and dedicated herself to the study of middle-eastern dances for many years. In 2002 she started the Embodyment study.

maria teresa tartaglia
Graduate as AIEV School for Bates teachers – Orthoptist a - Assistant in Ophthalmology gradated at Bologna University – Master in “Rehabilitation of low-vision patient” also obtained at Bologna University. She takes part to conferences in Orthoptics, Ophthalmology, Neuroophtalmology, vision rehabilitation, vision prevention, refractive surgery. She is shiatsu operator and she practises Taichichuan. She is AIEV member and teaches Bates method through conferences and group lessons.