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General Programs

Aims of 1st  Academic year:
individual work on one's sight so to improve one's vision capability (when necessary) and  learn from experience its various mechanics.

Since the beginning students are requested to come to the centre every two weeks in order to practice and learn the method on themselves. Every two months a meeting with all students of  the School in scheduled  in Milan,  in order to verify the work done till that moment.

Individual encounters will take place at the school seat chosen at time of enrollment. The week-end course on Mental Mechanics - Method Fiorella Rustici - will take place in Milan at Associazione Coscienza e Salute, Via Desenzano 8 (MM1 Gambara).

A final check examination is scheduled at the end of first year.

Necessary bibliography for first academic year: Roberto Kaplan, “Dimmi come vedi e ti dirò chi sei”, Editrice il punto di Incontro. Fiorella Rustici, “Fai funzionare bene la mente”, Editrice Macro Edizioni. Bruce Lipton, “La biologia delle credenze", Editrice Marco Edizioni, Emily Lierman, "Storie dalla clinica". On line HERE : -William H. Bates "XIV° Volume his articles". On line HERE – Bates Articles HERE and HERE .

Aim of second academic year:
Providing  the theoretic and practical knowledge necessary to lead work groups on Bates method, hold conferences, relate with professionals of other fields, teach Bates method through individual encounters.

Bi-monthly group check meeting will be carried out also during second year.

Students will  be requested to attend a two weeks full-immersion program in Milan and one week residential seminar to be held by the end of August in a locations still to be defined.
The two weeks full-immersion also include lessons of ophthalmology, optics, optometry, orthoptics, providing the necessary information to relate with professionals of vision sector.
At the end of second year, after the August seminar, students will have the possibility to attend in-depth programs and to carry out a real internship on individual teaching of Bates method under the supervision of the reference teacher.

A final check examination is scheduled at the end of the year.  

Necessary bibliography for second year: "Senza Occhiali - Il metodo Bates per migliorare la tua vista" Macro Edizioni - "Evolvi il tuo cervello" Macro Edizioni - Margaret D. Corbett " Vedere meglio senza occhiali", on line HERE .