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Philosophy and aims

We are strongly convinced that spreading of Bates method does not depend so much on how many persons we are able to reach through our seminars and encounters, but on how many Bates operators and teachers are able to reach them.

During the conferences we hold around in Italy, but also during seminars and even during individual encounters we became used to meet persons who had never heard about the method until that moment or that were taking part to the event just because they were accompanying somebody else.
We had always thought it was OK also like that and the most important thing was to speak about it so that people can start knowing it.

Over the years and on the basis of our experience, we changed our mind. We receive persons in our centre coming from really far away. We have persons coming from Ischia, Benevento, Aosta, Verona... , we lead experiential seminars in Lucca, Treviso, Sondrio, Biella, Torino, besides the one in Milan. On the basis of that we think that the only way to approach Bates method to persons needing it is the widespread presence of Bates teachers in all areas.

No worry of competition (we don't have the numbers for that), we only want that Bates method becomes a concrete help and in order to achieve that it must be known and easily reachable by everybody.

Consequently in our opinion the only way to concretely spread this fantastic growth experience is to train as many persons as possible. Prepared and motivated Bates teacher able to popularize the method (after having lived it personally).

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From a professional point of view main aims of our School are the following. Providing the instruments for an experiential personal growth path of study taking place through the acquisition of the various techniques of Bates method and other natural approaches to vision problems. Training of Bates teachers able to work with persons having vision problems, thus completing the panorama offered by the sector.

Providing the practical and theoretical basis to correctly teach Bates method and spread its principles through courses, conferences, one-to-one encounters. Creating a valid training path of study teaching how to operate on ones one, but also in cooperation with AIEV colleagues. Providing all the necessary instruments to perform professionally and effectively in the area chosen.