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( all letters are signed and the name are not published to protect the privacy)

“...the way to see has changed. I can’t say I have totally recovered the near vision, but I have surely acquired a different sensibility and I am now able to maintain the consciousness of the exceptionality of the visual act for a longer time.  I surely could not expect that a technique teaching the way of seeing could make me touch so deep emotional status comparable to those reached with meditation. I discovered a wide-ranging technique, well beyond my expectations....”

“....doing exercises with you this week-end and staying without glasses, I not only felt my eyes stronger, but I personally felt “emotionally” stronger. As though I could draw power from seeing, or trying to see the environment without the filter of the glasses. It’s like if I had regained the power to look at and feel my emotions. A lot of fears are hidden behind my defective sight....”

“I participated to the seminar with the aim to verify which kind of benefit my sight could have besides the necessary lens prescribed by an oculist. I had never heard about Bates method and at the beginning I was surprised by some movements similar to antalgic gym. Gradually these movements became relaxation and subsequently mental memory and imagination (above all with closed eyes). These are the exercises that exited me mostly. By mentally imagining an object or a colour, I had never suspected that memory and imagination could relieve me from any mental and visual strain and relax me so much”.

“Monday was a beautiful day with blue sky: during lunch time I made a short walk without glasses (except crossing the road). I did not clash with anything, I did not fall, I looked around and at the end I could see sufficiently to feel safe. At a certain point I looked at a building with a large band and I red OFFICES TO LET and the telephone number. All this with –15 and –16 dioptres .And it is all true.”

“Since Monday I’m using  pinholes glasses for 30 minutes, increasing 5 minutes every day. Every morning, after my usual walk, I make sunning and palming for approx 10 minutes. I already see small but encouraging results”.

“I was at school, in my room and for lunch I took my glasses off (I never do it at work). After lunch I went out, I walked along a very long corridor, I noticed various object, I turned the corner and walked along another long corridor, I went to the toilet, I washed the hands, I came out and once closed the door, ONLY IN THAT MOMENT I realized I did not wear my glasses!!! I swear that I was sure I had put them on before leaving my room. I made all above believing to have the glasses and therefore convinced to see clearly!!!!
That’s incredible, 7 dioptres cancelled instantly only being convinced that I was seeing clearly! When I realized I was without glasses, I scared and I started seeing blurred again”.

“..I’m glad to inform you that I had my eyes tested by an optician and he lowered the lenses from –4,75 to -4,25 on both eyes. Also the contact lenses have been lowered from –4,5 to –4. It’s incredible in so a short time!!”.

Thank you very much to those who shared their experience with us....