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In the warm sunny days you can take some minutes to make sunning as follows. When the sun is low on the horizon (some hours after sunrise or a couple of hours before sunset) place yourselves standing in front of the sun without glasses or lenses, close your eyes and move your head in all directions. Breath regularly and observe the feelings coming from your eyes. Continue for some minutes enjoying the rays of the sun on your face entering into your eyes through the closed eye-lids... don’t forget to breath regularly and to move your head “looking” in the direction of the sun. Now turn your shoulders to the sun and go on enjoying its wealthy effects perceiving the warmness on the back of your neck, seat of the vision impulses. Terminate the experience with some minutes of Palming and focus on the beneficial effects of the sun energy on your visual system.

Alternative:  repeat the sequence sunning-palming for four or five times in order to stimulate the visual system more deeply, always maintaining a condition of general relaxation.

Fine print

Chose a book you like written with normal size characters (avoiding books with huge characters), find a suitable place where you can sit and read comfortably for some time and take off your glasses. Be sure that the place you have chosen is scarcely illuminated and, if necessary, darken windows and doors so that the light is only sufficient to see the words on the page in front of you. Now breath deeply, close your eyes and relax. Open your mind, bring the attention on the environment around you, listen to its noises and sounds, put the attention on your mood, release any thought and feeling without following them; observe if there are strains in your body and release them, try to be present in that specific moment; remember you are not doing an exercise and nobody will examine you: you are only living a pleasant experience. Now open your eyes, place the book at a comfortable distance for you and start reading the words on the page in front of you, with no hurry and without the anxiety you absolutely have to see what you are looking at. Let your eyes go through the lines, almost passively, letting the letters arrive to your eyes in the dim light until they can be red. Continue this experience until you are able to maintain such kind of “contemplation” and relaxation, blinking  and breathing regularly, without any effort. Terminate with some minutes of palming, mentally going back to the experience you have just lived.

Simple swinging

At least the first times, we suggest to make this experience in the open air and then repeat it at home taking note of eventual differences in the vision. Place yourself standing with your legs slightly open, loose your knees so that the legs are not completely extended; the arms are relaxed along your sides, the head in balance on your shoulders and the eyes are open. Start turning the  head slowly right- and leftwards and vice-versa letting your glance flow through what you have in front and around you, without staring at anything. Harmonize your breath with the movement of your head and neck, remind to blink avoiding to keep your eyes wide open; let the arms and the trunk follow the movement of the head in a relaxed way, eventually enlarging slightly the rotation. Continue for approx ten minutes, maintaining a detached “observation” on what is happening around and inside yourselves: the breath becoming regular, the eyes opening and closing smoothly, the muscles of the beck and shoulders relaxing at each rotation, the thoughts calming down... the images becoming clearer and clearer as you get a more relaxed condition along with a more external point of view. Now try to direct  your attention more inside the skull (’s easier doing than explaining it) towards the cerebral occipital cortex, specifically on the visual cortex, where the images we receive from the environment are registered. From this point of view try to observe the world in a detached way while you continue swinging; you might notice you can now imagine it’s not you to move, but the world that is sliding in front of yourself in the direction opposite to your swinging... thus contributing to determine the mental relaxation you have reached through this experience and at the same time a clearer  vision. Terminate with some minutes of palming “observing” what has changed inside yourself and understand what you have done to reach such a result.


This is a new way of making palming. First of all rub your hands together for some minutes, as you would be washing them; at the end you should feel a sensation of warmness and slight tingling, mostly on the palm of the hands. Now put one hand over the other and cover your open eyes with the palms of the hands, leaning the fingers on the forehead. When you are sure that no light is filtering inside close your eyes:  you are now ready to start with palming. You can be sitting with the elbows rested on a pillow or on the knees or you can be lying on your back or in any other comfortable position you can maintain for some minutes without effort. Firstly release any physical or mental strain by breathing deeply twice, then pay attention to your mood, ask yourselves mentally “how am I in this moment?” and take note of your general condition. Now direct  the attention on your legs perceiving their conditions (muscular tone, warmness, contact with the ground etc.), on the trunk, on the arms, on the head and finally on the eyes always perceiving their condition without trying to modify it... release any tension you may feel and mentally “observe” what happens, just that.
At the end of such experience, direct  again your attention on your breath and on your eyes. Now start moving the hands away from your  face always trying to perceive the feeling this creates inside yourselves, blink for some seconds and open your eyes looking around to check how you are seeing now and looking inside “observing” the changes.


Sit down comfortably in front of an object you like, or alternatively in the open air choosing a pleasant landscape or in front of an Eye Chart on the wall. Make some deep breaths and put your attention on what you are doing in the present moment, on your body, on your mood, on your energetic level. Just observe the situation without trying to modify anything and then start this visual experience. Let your glance flow freely on the chosen object, imagine to have a sort of very sharpened pencil on your nose that moves with the movement of your head sketching the object-landscape in front of you. Don’t forget to breath naturally, to blink and follow with your glance the point of the pencil sketching all the smallest details of the object in front of you. Start sketching the more external edges, the more evident ones tracing the main shape; then examine and sketch also the smallest details, the shades of the colours, the irregularities, the more hidden particulars as you perceive them, until you have completed your drawing. Continue then the experience by closing the eyes for some minutes and continue drawing your object with the “eyes of the mind”, recalling the image and moving the head and your imaginary pencil as you would be at open eyes. Then open your eyes again and continue sketching the object-landscape, noticing the details you had forgotten during the drawing at closed eyes. Once completed your painting, terminate the experience with some minutes of palming visualizing the object and observing what this experience has changed inside yourselves.

Mental  swinging

Let’s try now a simple experience of mental relaxation. Sit down and make palming for some minutes. Try to imagine a drawing made by a black spot followed by an horizontal line and another black spot on the opposite end of the line.

. ______________________ .

Let your attention flow freely for some seconds on the drawing you have visualized mentally, then try to move it alternatively from one spot to the other. After some time you should perceive the apparent movement of the horizontal line. Namely, moving the attention from one black spot to the other you should “see” the line moving in the opposite direction as compared to the one of the spot you are looking at. Continue the experience for some minutes concentrating on the pleasant relaxing sensation produced by this illusion.