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Bates Method Italian School

In October 2007 we started the new path of study of the training course for Bates teachers. The results obtained till now pushed us to slightly modify the first work schedule with the aim to better meet the needs of our students and further improve the quality of our proposal...
The Bates school is now developing along a theoretic-practical training path of two years.  The one-to-one encounters can take place at one of the School seats either in Milano and Piacenza. The full-immersion experiential weeks will take place in Milan.
The first academic year is fully dedicated to using Bates method on ourselves.
A year fully dedicated to experiential training, where the students work on themselves practicing and learning the basic principles of Bates method.  Two individual encounters every month and one group meeting  every two months with the director of the School and all the students of the two years.  Approx five hours work every week, supervised by the reference teacher.

The second academic year is dedicated to the teaching of the method individually and to groups. Two full-immersion weeks in Milan with all teachers of Bates school. One group check meeting every two months with the director and all the students of the two years.  One group residential week during the summer.
During this year the students will learn all Bates principles utilizable on groups and the skill to run one-to-one encounters.

Upon accomplishment of the training path students will be acknowledged as Bates Teachers with the possibility to cooperate with us in Milan or at the others  School seats, to work as Bates teachers in the field they prefer (with children, companies, schools, etc.) or to open a new branch of the Bates School in their area using our know-how.

Our school is conducted by Giorgio Ferrario. The teachers of the two full-immersion weeks are Bates Teachers or professionals in their field and they all know Bates method.

Requirements to enroll at our School are: age of majority, High School Diploma or Degree, knowing of Italian or English language.  Nothing else, you will receive all the necessary education to become a Bates teacher during the two-year course.
Enrollment is always open.  Applications to be sent HERE together with your CV and a letter explaining the reasons why you are willing to start this path of study.  Documents will be examined and, if accepted, you will receive our admission confirmation.
In this case you will be invited to our Milan seat to regularize the enrollment at Bates School and for the first personal meeting.
Our address is: Scuola Bates c/o Spazio Sophie - Via Ippodromo, 9 - 20151 Milano

Don't stop your enthusiasm towards this great opportunity. It could give you the chance to better know yourself and help the others through one of the most effective technique of natural vision education.