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No, we don't...

Yes, we have fallen deeply in love with this wonderful country in northern Europe. It is so close to Italy under certain points of view, but also so far away as to many important aspects also connected to our vision...
We try to better explain...

Who is working on his sight knows the importance of color perception for our "visual well-being" (better said mental well-being).
In Ireland "colors" are totally different from ours. Believe us, or better check personally using the links here below.
Our statement can sound obvious to those living in the big polluted cities, but maybe it's not so clearly evident to those living in the countryside. And yet even in the more uncontaminated Italian environment you won't be able to admire the blue of the Irish sky ( Il Cielo d'Irlanda by Fiorella Mannoia).
In the northern countries, sunlight hits the earth atmosphere differently and its refraction produces really special colors and shades (don't miss this video).

And what about sounds? Who knows our Bates proposals is aware that sound perception can be used to educate vision perception. There is a direct and deep connection among all senses and working on one of them positively influences the others, thus creating a functional automatism (check Stern research).
Well, in Ireland "everything sounds". Just wander around in Dublin and lost in unforgettable colors, you will find somebody playing an instrument at any street corner.
Do you remember the movie ""Once"? .. obviously it is set in Dublin.

Furthermore, do you maybe think that Bates method is known just in Italy? Open your mind and you will discover that in Ireland there are skilful teachers of Bates method .
Here below some useful links to organize your next trip to Ireland.

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